[rt-users] Custom Fields / Transaction Custom Fields in Scrips

Mike Coakley mcoakley at managedbusiness.com
Wed Jul 5 16:02:42 EDT 2006

I'm trying to write a custom condition that will trigger every time a
transaction custom field is updated that will update other custom fields.
The idea is to keep track of time in a better way.

So I have 2 custom fields: Billable Time and Non-Billable Time. These are
attached to a ticket. I can easily manually update these fields. I also have
two Transaction based custom fields: TRANS Billable Time and TRANS
Non-Billable Time. I want to have a condition that fires when the "TRANS*"
fields get updated. Then when the condition is fired the action will be to
update the Billable Time and Non-Billable Time field appropriately.

I've been doing some debugging within the Scrip condition and it appears the
condition gets tested twice during a "comment" (haven't worked on reply
yet). BUT I don't see the transaction custom field values so my condition
fails. So I'm either not retrieving the transaction custom field values
improperly (I get no value) or I'm not seeing the right condition.

Anyone have any ideas?


Mike Coakley
Managed Business
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