[rt-users] Hardware upgrade v3.0.10 to 3.60

Tony Graziano tgraziano at myitdepartment.net
Sun Jul 9 06:39:25 EDT 2006

The issue was resolved. When doing the 'make upgrade' as per the readme,
their was an assumption this was an in place upgrade. After running the
schema updates, it might not have happened if a 'make install' had been
run again, I'm not sure.

/usr/sbin/smrsh root:root gid was changed to root:rt3

Then things were working fine. Thanks for the feedback.

I'm having an issue still with any email coming in to the system not
being received by RT. Sendmail is giving a "user unknown" for every
message in its log files.

I've tried everything I can find in the wiki.

Any suggestions?

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