[rt-users] 3.6 continual re-login issue

Roy El-Hames rfh at pipex.net
Wed Jul 12 08:49:12 EDT 2006

Check your apache logs are you getting any out of memory errors  ..if 
yes its the version of DBD-mysql you are using ..
I had similar problems (gentoo/mysql/apache2/mod_perl2) was fixed by 
changing the version of dbd-mysql to  3.0002

Kaylea Hascall wrote:
> Hello all,
> I got fed up with trying to make my previous RT install work and removed it,
> and now I'm running 3.6. The problems I was having with 3.4 are gone, but
> there's a new problem.
> Every time I click on anything, I have to log in again. It saves my 'state'
> as I go -- logging in again gives me the 'result' of my click. Click, log in,
> see confirmation screen, click, log in, see next menu, etc. Apache logs don't
> reveal any problems, and RT isn't logging any errors to its logfile.
> I searched the archives and corresponded with Shawn Plummer of CIT SUNY
> Geneseo, who reported the same (or similar) issue to the list back when 3.6
> came out, and neither of us have come to any resolution.
> Has anyone found a fix for this problem? I'm running gentoo, mysql, apache2,
> mod_perl -- a combination which worked under 3.4 right up until I broke it by
> updating my perl modules. Maybe it is still a perl module versioning issue,
> but I don't know which module to blame :/
> Thanks,
> Kaylea
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