[rt-users] Shredder installation problem

Ole Craig ocraig at stillsecure.com
Mon Jul 31 13:52:23 EDT 2006

On Sun, 2006-07-30 at 02:14 -0400, Mathew Snyder wrote:
> Again, I'm testing a new installation of RT v3.6.0 with RTx::Shredder.
> However, when I install Shredder I get this
> The requested URL /Admin/Tools/Shredder/ was not found on this server.
> I'm finding that the directories created and used during installation
> are being chmod'ed to 700 making them not readable by the rt group/user.
>  Why is this happening?  I'm installing as root and have also installed
> using sudo.  I get the same results everytime.  Shredder is not showing up?
> Please...help me.  I need this to be working.

Matthew -
	What's root's umask? What are the permissions on each directory in the
hierarchy? (i.e. if you're using the defaults, what are the permissions
on /, /opt, and /opt/rt3?)

	Is the problem not solved by a simple recursive chown on the install
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