[rt-users] LoadSavedSearches right and Customize RT at a glance "Available" queries

Stephen Turner sturner at MIT.EDU
Tue Apr 3 09:52:53 EDT 2007

At Friday 3/30/2007 07:28 PM, Jared Hanks wrote:
>I'm apart of Group1 and have saved a search.  I want users in Group2 
>to be able to load this saved search and add it to their "Customize 
>RT at a glance", but I'm unable to get it to work.  Users can't see 
>the Group1's saved searches in the search builder and aren't able to 
>see them in the "Available" column in Customize RT at a glance.
>I have the CreateSavedSearch, 
>EditSavedSearches,LoadSavedSearch,ShowSavedSearches rights granted 
>to privileged users, so shouldn't I just need to go to Group1 and 
>grant Group2 the ShowSavedSearch right?  This seems like this should 
>do it, but it doesn't.
>Any help is appreciated.


I asked a similar question last week with no reply. From looking at 
the code, I found out that you will only see searches for the groups 
you are a member of (directly or indirectly). The saved search 
related rights on a group seem not to be used for anything.


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