[rt-users] LoadSavedSearches right and Customize RT at a glance "Available" queries

Stephen Turner sturner at MIT.EDU
Tue Apr 3 12:05:19 EDT 2007

At Tuesday 4/3/2007 11:38 AM, Kenneth Crocker wrote:
>         In response to the "The saved search related rights on a 
> group seem not to be used for anything." comment; The saved 
> searches privileges for groups is based on the fact that the whole 
> point of assigning group privileges to a Queue is because the owner 
> of that Queue, or users, may not want others outside said 
> privileged group(s) to see (possible critical/restricted ie. 
> payroll) info on the tickets in that Queue. Hence, it was 
> considered inappropriate to allow users outside a privileged group 
> to use/save search Queries for tickets in a Queue with sensitive info.

Hello Kenn,

I'm not sure your answer addresses the question.

Supposing you would like to grant "read-only" access to your queue to 
another group of people. You'd set up a new group and grant them the 
appropriate rights to your queue. Perhaps you'd also like them to see 
and use your own group's saved searches. How would you do that? It 
would seem that granting the read-only group "ShowSavedSearches" 
rights on your own group should do the trick, but it doesn't. I'm 
still unclear on what the "ShowSavedSearches" right on a group is 
used for in RT.

Access to tickets themselves is controlled through queue & other acls 
- allowing someone to view and run a saved search doesn't allow them 
to see tickets they have no rights to.


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