[rt-users] Problems with scrips modifying custom filed values

Silvana.Giberti at esa.int Silvana.Giberti at esa.int
Thu Apr 19 03:19:57 EDT 2007

I'm having problems with scrips modifying the values of 2 custom fields.

The first custom field is created and assigned at ticket creation (by 
scrip X), while the second custom field is updated whenever the first one 
is modified (by scrip Y), that is after ticket creation and also everytime 
the user modifes the first cf.

What sometime happens is that scrip Y updates the second custom field 
twice, that  is, a first time assigning the new value and then a second 
time setting it back to its original value. Sometimes instead the same 
scrips work properly on both custom fields, assigning the right value also 
to the second one.

The same scrips work always well when the custom fields are first created 
and assigned the first value.

Comparing the 2 cases in RT log file, it looks like there's an extra 
transaction firing after the update of the second custom field, but I 
can't tell what it does.

The function I call to update the custom fields is the 
"AddCustomFieldValue", from Record.pm.

The custom fields are defined global for tickets in all queues.

(RT 3.6.1, MySQL 4.1.12)

Does anyone have an idea of what to do to fix this problem?

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