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Yes we had it also, special after on on longer time of pt no pot usage (?!?) We fixed it dirty by nightly reboots. Later we switched to mod_fcgid.


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I have this strange and unexplainable problem with RT 3.4.6 on RHEL4. 
For some reason when using RT for any length of time, I get a 
mason_handler process taking up all 2 GB of ram on the server, and 
driving the load up to about 40, which causes the system to freeze.
You can see this from a top session just as it happens, the ram usage is 
89.9%, is there any way to know what could be causing this?  I've ruled 
out fastcgi or apache from being a problem.  Any ideas would be appreciated.

2948 apache    15   0 4317m 1.8g 1412 D   28 89.9   0:36.19 mason_handler.f

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