[rt-users] Creating Approvals in winrt 3.4.5

Kamanga, Kenneth Kenneth.Kamanga at Genesys.com
Sat Apr 28 16:27:16 EDT 2007

Can anyone help  me?  I have been trying to create approvals in secure
scout winrt 3.4.5 without success.  I have followed the examples
provided at


I have tried the simple example and even the complex one, no luck.

My setup basically has 3 main queues all with 5 approvers

General queue

Database queue

Web queue

What I need to do is that for every request to these queues RT should
create 5 approval tickets and notify the approvers, pretty much like the
Wiki example.  Unfortunately it does not work for me.   When a new
ticket is created the on create scrip does not seem to run.   Is there
something that I need to do differently for this version of RT?




Kenneth Kamanga
NOC Analyst
Genesys Conferencing


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