[rt-users] SetStatus and SetOwner scrip question

Mathew Snyder theillien at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 14 15:02:57 EDT 2007

Robert Long wrote:
> Have you tried moving the scrip to from TransactionCreate to
> TransactionBatch? You may have to enable it in your RT_SiteConfig..
> .r'
> Mathew Snyder wrote:
>> Stephen Turner wrote:
>>> At Tuesday 8/14/2007 02:41 PM, Mathew Snyder wrote:
>>>> I take it back.  It would appear you are correct.  I set up the scrip
>>>> to log
>>>> it's actions on this particular line of code and I'm getting:
>>>> [debug]: set owner: 814382: Owner changed from msnyder to Nobody
>>>> ((eval 510):4)
>>>> However, there is no indication in the ticket that this is happening
>>>> nor that it
>>>> was returned to the original value.  So how can I get around this?
>>> Unfortunately we haven't found a way round this problem. What's odd
>>> about your situation though is that I'd expect to see history entries
>>> recording the two owner change transactions. Sorry I can't be more
>>> helpful...
>>> Steve
>> Well that sucks. :(
>> Mathew

There is no TransactionCreate or TransactionBatch in my RT_SiteConfig.  All I
have that is related to transactions is
# Backward compatability setting. Add/Delete Link used to record one
# transaction and run one scrip. Set this value to 1 if you want
# only one of the link transactions to have scrips run.
Set($LinkTransactionsRun1Scrip , 0);

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