[rt-users] Calculating staff utilization

Ben Robson benr at tlcdatasecurity.com.au
Wed Aug 15 07:00:10 EDT 2007

Greetings all.....
I have been pondering how to Easily(tm) extract per user's time information so that I can calculate their utilisation.
After much pondering, searching and reading I found something produced by Şubredu Manuel that looked to be heading in the right direction.  It was his add on "TimeWorked" which can be found at http://wiki.bestpractical.com/view/TimeWorked.
Now, his little report works great, in and of itself, but is not quite what I am after.  His report will only tell me the cumulative time worked for each ticket Resolved between specified dates.  This however, includes time that may have been used prior to the window and does not account for the fact that others may have worked on the ticket as well.
So what I have concluded I am after is something that executes a query thus:
1.       Select all transactions that occurred between the specified dates.
2.       For each transaction found between the specified dates:
a.       Sum all $transaction->TimeTaken values where each unique $transaction->Creator
3.       Print each identified Creator's sum TimeTaken value.
(hope that makes sense).
So, what I want to be able to find out is how much time was spent by each user during the specified time.
I have been fiddling with Şubredu's little add on, but to my chagrin there is no equivalent to Tickets_Overlay_SQL.pm for Transactions, and as such you can't simply extract the results of a SQL query to find all transactions that occurred between certain dates and sum their TimeTaken values.
Has anyone done anything to generate utilization reports previously, and if so would you mind sharing???  :-)
Thanks all.
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