AW: [rt-users] Issue with Extended mail commands / CommandByMail

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Nobody have a hint on this problem?!?


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Subject: [rt-users] Issue with Extended mail commands / CommandByMail

Hi RT Users, Jesse,

At weekend we tried to use commandbymail extension, but it ends up in
lots of trouble.

For me it looks like (and that's what I also found at the lilst inside a
posting from Robert G. Werner) Command By Mail is trying to handle all
Words he find with an ":", that's not good!


A Mail with the Content:

System_Name: ASKNEHST
Order_Type: new

Generates this Error:

Failed command 'system_name: ASKNEHST'
Error message: Command 'system_name' is unknown

Failed command 'Order_type: new'
Error message: Command 'order_type' is unknown

But from my Point of view, it will make more sense to handle only the
known commands and not each word he finds separated with the ":"

Any Ideas how to fix this???


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