[rt-users] Issue with Extended mail commands / CommandByMail

Helmuth Ramirez HelmuthRamirez at compupay.com
Thu Aug 16 09:10:13 EDT 2007

Well, I don’t know how to “fix it”, but what we do here is put asterisks after we put in our commands and it looks like that stops CommandByMail to continue looking for commands.  If we don’t do the asterisks, then it will definitely continue going down the line looking for words with “:” at the end (this is annoying when forwarding messages into RT).  


So, we would do:


Requestor: BillyBob

Owner: JoeSchmoe


<content of ticket here>


Also as a side note, we’ve found if you send in Tickets in HTML format it will only read the first “Command” and the not following lines.


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Nobody have a hint on this problem?!?


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Hi RT Users, Jesse,

At weekend we tried to use commandbymail extension, but it ends up in
lots of trouble.

For me it looks like (and that's what I also found at the lilst inside a
posting from Robert G. Werner) Command By Mail is trying to handle all
Words he find with an ":", that's not good!


A Mail with the Content:

System_Name: ASKNEHST
Order_Type: new

Generates this Error:

Failed command 'system_name: ASKNEHST'
Error message: Command 'system_name' is unknown

Failed command 'Order_type: new'
Error message: Command 'order_type' is unknown

But from my Point of view, it will make more sense to handle only the
known commands and not each word he finds separated with the ":"

Any Ideas how to fix this???


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