[rt-users] RTFM 2.2RC5 questions/bugs

Fran Fabrizio fran at cis.uab.edu
Fri Aug 31 11:23:38 EDT 2007

I am exploring RTFM for the first time and just installed 2.2RC5 along
with RT 3.6.4.  Questions/observations:

1. Topics.  I see there is something called Topics that is not covered
in the documentation.  These appear to act like tags and cut across RTFM
Classes as a secondary way of classifying RTFM articles.  Is this correct?

2. Saving values of custom fields fails first time.  I created two
custom fields, a Body and a File Attachment.  I enable them for an
article class called Email, I create a new article in the Email class, I
provide a description and summary in the standard fields, and then some
text in the custom field Body and I browse to a file for the custom
field file attachment, I click Save Changes.  The article is created,
the standard fields get their values but neither the Body nor the File
Attachment contain a value.  If I then modify the same article again,
and provide the same values, the custom fields then take on the values. 
So, essentially to create a useful article you have to create it, save
changes, modify it, and save changes again.

3. File Attachments.  After working around the bug in #2, I can
successfully save files to RTFM articles.  However, when I include those
RTFM articles into an RT ticket, the file does not get attached to the
ticket.  Only a piece of text that says File Attachment:  and the file
name (but no link to content of the file) gets inserted into the RT
ticket.  Is this the expected behavior?  What I thought would be neat is
that we have a library of PDF Best Practices documents, and to attach
each of those to their own RTFM Article for easy inclusion in RT tickets
when needed.  Plan B is to publish the PDFs on the web somewhere and
make RTFM articles with URLs in them that point to the PDFs, but I am
wondering how file attachments are supposed to work RTFM -> RT.

4. Duplicate results in searches.  When modifying an RT ticket and I
search for RTFM Articles to include, in at least one case it
consistently returns the same article twice in the list.  The article
gets included into the ticket the same way no matter which of the
results I click.  On other searches, this behavior is not seen.

I do recognize that I am both an RTFM newbie and that I am using an
non-final release, so I expect issues.  I just want to know if they are
known issues, or if something is wrong with my config.



Fran Fabrizio
Senior Systems Analyst
Department of Computer and Information Sciences
University of Alabama at Birmingham

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