[rt-users] 3.6.4rc1:10 newest unowned tickets is double wrong

Gianluca Cecchi gcecchi at peviani.it
Fri Jun 1 03:56:45 EDT 2007

>1) wrong order sounds like a bug, it should be ordered by Created date
>starting from the most recent one.

login as root 
preferences (top right)
RT at a glance
unowned tickets
at right side where there is "order by"
first option by default is
Created   Asc

Instead it should be Desc by default if you want that what you write is what it is displayed.
Works for me.
Or on the contrary you change term "newest" in "oldest", leaving the default order in the query as it is now.
Tipically, apart from their priority, I think tickets are managed on a fifo basis, so probably this second option could be better.

PS: how can I do the same for all users? connected as a user I don't see at top right the "preferences" option.
And connected as root if I try to modify a user I can set if the "unowned tickets" query is showed or not in RT at a glance...
but it remains the same, not as modified by root... How can I change "unowned tickets" query globally? Or do I have to create a sort of "my system unowned tickets query"?

>Header of a box on "RT
>at glance" points to a page with results of the same search, but as
>far as I know people want to see more tickets on this page.
Ok, it is far clear now about intended behaviour and saved search functionality/flexibility.
But I was writing about default settings and displays. 
You would agree with me that clicking on a phrase that says
10 newest unowned tickets
one would expect to be driven to what it says, not to the result of unowned tickets query....
So I basically think the navigation walkthrough is misleading in this case...

Another option for the title of the box could be something like
Newest unowned tickets (N showed here)

with "Newest unowned tickets" hyperlinked... 

>On "RT at glance" page we limit list by user's preferences
>(Preferences -> RT at glance -> Rows per box). 
Is rows per box (default to 10) parameter configurable only on a system basis modifying "rows per box" in "Customize RT at a glance" screen connected as root user?


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