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Robert Grasso Robert.Grasso at cedrat.com
Mon Jun 4 08:58:41 EDT 2007

> > my users would deeply appreciate being able to temporarily SAVE a draft
> > ticket, just to protect against a power shortage, sudden interruptions,
> > and such;
> Writing ticket responses in the web interface sucks.  Just use email
> instead so you get the facilities of whatever email client you're using.

well, whether it sucks or not, when you give your staff access to some software, they begin using it, that's all - then when you
detect weaknesses in the soft, as an emergency solution you can setup some workaround, but at the same time you ask for
improvements - this is exactly what I am doing. Don't forget that normal staffers, not being members of the IT staff, are just
normal people who don't enjoy dealing with workarounds - why should they ? Rather, WE (IT people, software developers) have to
supply correctly functioning software. This is why I am asking for improvements. Not for me : I can bear workarounds - I am using
workarounds all day long; but I am asking improvements for my support staff : they do need them.

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