[rt-users] text editing in internet browsers (WAS: RT 4)

Sasha Gerrand sashag at austbrokers.com.au
Tue Jun 5 05:35:50 EDT 2007

Comparing a internet browser to a word processor makes no sense. Perhaps
your users should be composing their replies in a text editor if they
are losing their form posting content so often. 

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oh, I agree, I am using such an extension myself - but first, not all of
our staffers use Firefox, many of them use MSIE - and I cannot change
this - but anyway, so many office softwares, proprietary or not, use to
supply such a "Save as" function nowadays (OpenOffice does), that you
would expect that it's implemented in the software you are using,
without having to setup some workaround yourself ...

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> > my users would deeply appreciate being able to temporarily SAVE a 
> > draft ticket
> If they're using firefox, I can recommend the Save Text Area 
> extension, it's got save to, and load from file, as well as autosave.

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