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James Alspach jalspach at shastacoe.org
Tue Jun 5 12:18:53 EDT 2007

I am looking at setting up the "Workflow" example from the wiki
(http://wiki.bestpractical.com/index.cgi?WorkFlow).  As part of this we
would like to see a station number created.  This station number will
look like ws00000 (for a work station), pr00000 (for printers), etc...
I have a few questions (in order of difficulty I think) about this.

1)       Can RT provide me with a unique, sequential number each time a
"new machine" ticket is opened?

2)       Can this counter be kept separate between each machine type
(assuming I have a custom field or some other way for RT to know what
type of machine we are adding)? 

a.       for instance the first 5 printers would be pr00000 - pr00004
and the first 5 work stations would be ws00000 - ws00004           

3)       Is there a way to override this number and have the count start
from that new point?

a.       E.g. after installing the above work stations, we find 3 old
machines and rename them to match the new convention.  The next time I
open a ticket in RT for a new workstation it should suggest ws00005
which I will override to ws00008.  Following work station tickets will
suggest ws00009, 10, etc...


If anyone has any suggestions or problems with the above please let me
know.  If I can pull this off it would be a big coup.  We are actively
looking at switching to RT and this would go along ways to convincing
the powers that be. 


The next problem (one I will be happy if I get) will be trying to
install a recent version on Linux. Maybe it is just me but, RT is not
the simplest thing to install.  Actually RT is easy to install it is all
the Perl dependencies, etc... that are giving me fits.


Thanks for your help;







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