[rt-users] RT 4

Scott Golby sgolby at freshdirect.com
Tue Jun 5 17:33:42 EDT 2007

> And so, yes, they DO type their answers into RT - and if some of them
> don't when they are afraid of losing a long email, they are
> angry against RT : RT supplies an input field, so well, it must supply
> usual comfort functions supplied by MS-Outlook. This
> seems obvious to them.

I don't think this request is beyond the realm of possibility.   I
investigated something slightly similar at another company I was working
for, but instead for adding a WYSIWYG interface to our internal Wiki.

I came across this editor which would replace the textbox on the webpage

and it had a plug-in which would allow saving to disk (and to database)

If RT had a configuration option to turn on fckeditor instead of the
textbox and you added the save to disk option it sounds like you'd be
most of the way to where you wanted to be.

I'd like to see RT with HTML replies and this FCKEditor and alike look
like a good way to do that.  Anyone had more experience with these types
of add-ons ?

- Scott

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