[rt-users] RT 4 (and online text-processing)

Mikko Lipasti mikko.lipasti at polarcom.fi
Wed Jun 6 01:42:25 EDT 2007

> More : what about Google text processing (formerly Writely) ? here we
> have all required features, bells and whistles, and everything
> is online, not offline ! when I click on File->Save, my document is
> saved onto their servers, not on my local disk. Hey Jesse : I
> DON'T expect that you embed a complete online text-processor into RT
> !! I am requesting for a simple online "Save draft" ...

There's something interesting to be found on CPAN. Although it doesn't address the use case you're requesting directly, think of it as a technology demo.


The TicketWhiteboard extension provides a wiki-style text area which you can edit in place, using AJAX (or something). Check it out, if you can, and tell us if that kind of functionality, adapted to your scenario (per-ticket, per-user and perhaps optionally replacing textarea on the correspond page Ticket/Update.html), could address your problem.

Jesse, TicketWhiteboard is a brilliant idea, however the current implementation is a bit rough. This extension is quite definately something I'm going to have a serious look at once more pressing issues (unrelated to RT) are tackled.

Mikko Lipasti

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