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Robert Grasso Robert.Grasso at cedrat.com
Wed Jun 6 10:43:03 EDT 2007

Hello Steven,

very nice workaround ! until we get a pure Ajax online editor (!) I am going to test this trick - this might interest some people
here. As I did not test these text areas before, I did not guess there was a "Save" button ! Thanks a lot !

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> From: Stephen Turner [mailto:sturner at MIT.EDU]
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> At Friday 6/1/2007 09:40 AM, Robert Grasso wrote:
> >oh well, I am very late with my answer, but I had this thought right
> >now : so I don't know if this request has been submitted
> >already :
> >
> >my users would deeply appreciate being able to temporarily SAVE a
> >draft ticket, just to protect against a power shortage, sudden
> >interruptions, and such; I mean : one is writing a long email (this
> >is regularly the case in our scientific business), this takes
> >time, and from time to time people would like to click on some
> >"Save" button or link, so that they can be sure they will get their
> >mail back whatever can happen.
> >
> >For the moment some of them use to write their email into
> >MS-Outlook, save it regularly with Ctrl-S, and when they are satisfied
> >they copy it into the ticket and send it - but this is not a very
> >satisfying workaround
> Hello all,
> I'm not sure why this generated so much controversy; it seems like a
> reasonable feature request. We had a similar one from our Help Desk,
> and we came up with this solution/workaround:
> We created a "text area" custom field called Scratchpad. The usage is
> that anyone concerned about losing a long reply can type into this
> field, hitting Save as often as they want. When they've finished
> composing the message, they can copy & paste into the ticket's
> message/reply box and send.
> The copy/paste might be a pain, but it wouldn't be too hard to add a
> control that would do the copy for you.
> Steve

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