[rt-users] Adding custom field to Auto reply template

Scott Golby sgolby at freshdirect.com
Wed Jun 6 15:59:33 EDT 2007



> I searched the wiki and I also have the RT book. I wanted to add the
custom field to the auto reply template. 


> Queue: Printers

> Type: HPLJ1320 (<-- this is one of my list items)


If you want only 1 value from the Custom Field all you need to add to
the template is.




If you want multiple values, see Page 112 of the book for some code to
loop through.


I find this page on the Wiki really good for little bits to add to
Templates.   I wish there was a full mapping out of all the values that
can be used, looking through the .pm files can be a bit fiddly. 



- Scott


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