[rt-users] rt3.4 statistics graphs not visible or displaying

MARTIN DUJARDIN martin_dujardin at yahoo.fr
Fri Jun 8 12:14:43 EDT 2007

  Excuse. I was out of office for a while.
  All the graphs do not appear but the stats data appear normally.
  When I click on the link to download the graph or to save it as an image it does not work also.
  What can be the problem ? Do you think I must look for GD Graph ?
  My Rt version is 3.4.0
  and the statistics verstion is 1.8
  The statistics are in this directory

Robert Grasso <Robert.Grasso at cedrat.com> a écrit :  Hello,

What graphs don't appear exactly ? This module does not seem to be maintained and there are several bugs. I corrected some in the
"Tickets per day per Queue" module which did not start at all. The other ones used to start but we are not interested in them.

I must add that I am running RT v3.6.1 and performed my corrections in this version.


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Dear all,

I am new on this list and I have a problem on an existing rt3.4 installation. The installation is working normally but the
statistics graphs do not appear if we request them.
Can you help me resolve this problem ?
The rt3.4 is installed on a Linux redhat system.



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