[rt-users] Display scrip transactions in "Results:"

Edge, Sean Sean.Edge at mtvnmix.com
Mon Jun 11 13:04:59 EDT 2007

I forgot to mention we are using RT: 3.6.3.
Thanks again,


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I created a Scrip to make sure that "Time Worked" is not zero when a
ticket is 'resolved'.  If there is no "Time Worked" defined then I set
the ticket status back to 'open' and log a comment.  Here's the code:

if ((! defined($self->TicketObj->TimeWorked) || 
   ($self->TicketObj->TimeWorked == 0)) { 
    my ($id, $msg) = $self->TicketObj->SetStatus("open"); 
    $self->TicketObj->Comment(Content => "You must set the Time
return 1; 

I would like to display the transaction ('resolved' => 'open') and
possibly the message when it goes back to display the changes made to
the ticket.  Currently here's all it displays:


*	Ticket 32: Status changed from 'open' to 'resolved' 


Does anyone have any idea how to do this?  Otherwise they will probably
be confused when the result shows that the ticket was resolved but it's
still open and they may not notice the comment at the end of the thread.

Thanks for any insight/help. 



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