[rt-users] How to setup company ticket admins (unprivileged)

o o bj_5150 at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 11 16:51:12 EDT 2007

I have several clients that I support, and I'm trying to setup RT so that for each client, one or more people could be defined as 'admins' (unprivileged) who can see all the tickets in their respective queue. I would like them to be able to see them via the web, instead of being setup as watchers and getting bombarded with e-mails. I see two different ways of doing this, and looking to see if anyone has implemented this (and maybe has a better way of doing it as such). As it stands right now, I have scrip on the general queue which sorts the e-mails based on e-mail domain.

Option one:

I have a user defined group called 'example.com' with no global permissions. I gave this group the following permissions on the respective queue (queue also called 'example.com'): CommentOnTicket, CreateTicket, SeeQueue, ShowTicket. I put an unprivileged user in this group. When I login as that user, I can only see tickets owned by that user, I can't see the other tickets. Kinda stuck as to why this is.

Option two:
Use the AddRequestor scrip available on the wiki to add my 'ticket admins' as requestors to tickets submitted by users. Then use a variant of the OnCreateAutoReplyException scrip to filter out e-mails so they only go to the original/actual requestor (and not the ticket admins). However, not sure how to work around when they submit their own tickets. I suppose I can either do the hack workaround (create two accounts, one for them to submit tickets as a regular user and one to view all the tickets. Or the more elegant way would be, assuming the requestors are stored as an array/list, to send replys to only the first element (which would be the original requestor) and ignore the rest (the ticket admins added via the scrip). Sorry if I'm not using the right terminology, but my perl skills are non-existent. But I think the logic is sound.

Anyways, not looking to recreate the wheel here, so if anyone has been down this path before, please speak up! 


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