[rt-users] Scrip custom condition question

Shannon Adams shannon_adams68 at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 13 10:40:27 EDT 2007

Using RT 3.6.3rc4.  What I want to do is send a comment to admin cc's, but only if the comment is not part of a user closing/resolving a ticket.  I have an "on resolve" script that includes all ticket history including all comments.  How we typically resolve tickets is to use jumbo, then change the status to "resolved", change the update type "reply to requesters", then click save changes.  With the scripts I have setup now, the admin cc's get two emails.  One for the comment, and one for the resolve.  The problem is obviously my custom condition on the comment scrip.  It looks like the ticket status if not yet "resolved" when the scrip fires, thus the comment is sent even though the user has set the status to resolved.  Any comments or suggestions on a way around this behavior?

Here are the two global admin cc scrips.

Description: On Comment Admin CCs
Condition: On Comment
Action: Notify AdminCcs as Comment
Template: Global template: Admin Comment
Stage: TransactionCreate
Custom Condition: 
{ return $self->TransactionObj->Type eq 'comment' &&
$self->TicketObj->Status ne 'new' &&
$self->TicketObj->Status ne 'resolved'; }

Description: Notify adminccs on resolve
Condition: On Resolve
Action: Notify AdminCcs as Comment
Template: Global template: Resoolved Admin
Stage: TransactionCreate


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