[rt-users] user names appearing in comments dropdown

Michael Kukla kukla at caset.buffalo.edu
Mon Jun 18 15:13:43 EDT 2007

Jesse et al,

Sorry to say, I again need write the list about something we  noticed 
last week--namely, that the names of **disabled** users continue to 
appear in the Owner drop down one gets when "Commenting" on  ticket.

It appeared that the problem might have been due to the combination of

1) the fact that the AdminCc and Cc system groups had previously been 
granted the "own ticket" right; and

2) the fact that disabled users were  most likely still linked to 
Tickets as an AdminCC or Cc--

and thus still potential "owners".

However, the expected fix--globally revoking the "own ticket" right from 
AdminCc and CC--didn't work: the disabled users continue to appear in 
the Comment on Ticket "Owner" drop down as previously.

Has anyone else encountered, or better, resolved this phenomenon?

Mike Kukla
645-6000 x1156

>> 2.
>> >> What is even stranger, I've found that the the list of users that
>> >> appears in the Comments/Owners dropdown varies depending upon which
>> >> privileged user currently owns the ticket
>> >>
>> > _how_ does it vary?
>> Well, for example, choosing an open ticket, say, #15426, in queue "A" 
>> owned by user "daves", and expanding the Comment/Owner drop down, I see
>> all current privileged users and *some* of the disabled users.
>> Repeating these steps for the same owner, and queue, but a different 
>> open ticket, #13780, I see the *same* mixed list of all currently 
>> privileged users and some disabled users.
>> Now, another open ticket in the same queue, but with  different owner,
>> the same mixed of user appears in the Comments/Owner dropdown--but with,
>> Hey!, the addition of the email address of un-privileged Cc for the 
>> ticket!
>> Hmm...Perhaps, Ccs' should not be able to own tickets?
> Generally not, no. Try pulling that and seeing how you do?
>> Is that the likely conclusion--along with the guess the disabled users 
>> who are still showing up are still linked in as Cc's on long-ago 
>> **resolved** tickets?
>> Mike Kukla
>> CASet
>> 645-6000 x1156
>> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`

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