[rt-users] user names appearing in comments dropdown

Michael Kukla kukla at caset.buffalo.edu
Wed Jun 20 09:47:13 EDT 2007


Thanks for personally looking into this.

Anyway, we're running RT 3.4.5 and I've checked again: Everyone doesn't 
have the "OwnTicket" right neither globally nor in any queue.

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Jesse Vincent wrote:
> On Jun 18, 2007, at 3:13 PM, Michael Kukla wrote:
>> Jesse et al,
>> Sorry to say, I again need write the list about something we  noticed 
>> last week--namely, that the names of **disabled** users continue to 
>> appear in the Owner drop down one gets when "Commenting" on  ticket.
>> It appeared that the problem might have been due to the combination of
>> 1) the fact that the AdminCc and Cc system groups had previously been 
>> granted the "own ticket" right; and
>> 2) the fact that disabled users were  most likely still linked to 
>> Tickets as an AdminCC or Cc--
>> and thus still potential "owners".
>> However, the expected fix--globally revoking the "own ticket" right 
>> from AdminCc and CC--didn't work: the disabled users continue to 
>> appear in the Comment on Ticket "Owner" drop down as previously.
>> Has anyone else encountered, or better, resolved this phenomenon?
> Can you confirm that you're on 3.6.3 and that "Everybody" doesn't have 
> the "OwnTickets" right? I've just reread this section of code and I 
> don't see hwo this can be happening.
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