[rt-users] Custom Field value mandatory on resolve

Gene LeDuc gleduc at mail.sdsu.edu
Thu Jun 21 16:18:58 EDT 2007

Hi Christian,

You should be able to use a TransactionBatch scrip to check that the CF 
exists at the time the status changes to resolved.  If the CF is not 
acceptable, just have the scrip change the status back to the transaction's 
OldValue (maybe with transaction recording disabled so it doesn't trigger 
other scrips).  I'd use TransactionBatch instead of TransactionCreate so I 
don't miss a resolution that also includes setting the CF to an acceptable 
value.  This solution has nothing to do with the "Mandatory" setting for 
fields, it's just checks that a field has a value when a ticket is resolved.


At 01:04 PM 6/21/2007, Christian Felber wrote:
>Unfortunately Stan's question from April is still unanswered. Is there
>no way to make a custom field mandatory on resolve?
>The origin question was:
>Hello again to everyone!
>I have read the threads and found lots of opinions on how to make entering
>Custom Field value mandatory upon ticket creation.
>I'm interested however in a different feature.
>Most of our tickets are created after users send us an e-mail.
>We want our support engineers to choose a value for a Custom Field "Type of
>Request" before resolving the ticket.
>Using standard RT interface I couldn't implement such feature. Ticket would
>get resolved even if Custom Field value is not defined (though I put
>Mandatory validation for it).
>Basically what I want is to disable ticket resolving unless a value for
>Custom Field has been entered.
>Anyone knows if this is possible without messing with RT core files?
>PS: we're using RT 3.6.1 btw
>Sorry, I have no idea how to reply to the corresponding message in the
>list - without having the message as an e-mail.
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