[rt-users] Custom Field value mandatory on resolve

Scott Golby sgolby at freshdirect.com
Thu Jun 21 16:46:39 EDT 2007

> Unfortunately Stan's question from April is still unanswered. Is there
> no way to make a custom field mandatory on resolve?

Has anyone had the Mandatory option on Create work for them more than
50% of the time ?   I've set Mandatory on Custom Fields and had people
creating tickets all over the place without ever selecting anything, I
gave up on using them as they seemed to be very buggy.

We've had to direct our Privileged users to use SelfService to create
tickets as the menu on the top right will fail to save Custom Fields in
general (mandatory or not).  I suspect both issues are related,
something is a miss with the way Custom Fields go into the Database &
have Bug Report [fsck.com #8103] open since January on this.

We would definitely like to have mandatory fields on both create &

- Scott

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