[rt-users] can't update custom fields and ticket comments at the same time.

Khai Lam klam at snap.com
Thu Jun 21 18:57:55 EDT 2007


I've recently upgraded from RT3.2.3 to 3.6.3.  I ran all the upgrade  
scripts too, and all seemed fine.  I've granted my group full rights  
to assign/modify/see custom fields.  And I can see the fields and  
modify them using the "Comments Field" sub-window link just fine.    
But if I use either the REPLY or COMMENTS link, and make any changes  
to any of the other fields (in addition to the custom fields), the  
other fields would update, but not the custom field.  If I just limit  
my changes to just the custom fields, then the changes will stick.

Is there something I'm missing?  I would like to set values into the  
custom fields at the same time as updates to the other fields - it  
just makes sense to.  No other problems in the archives seemed to  
match this one.


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