[rt-users] Default Time Worked

Mathew Snyder theillien at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 26 09:24:58 EDT 2007

That will be good plan "B".  I'll have to clarify with the powers that be what
they want because we want the ticket to start at 5 and go up as people add time.
 Not necessarily go up by 5 each time.  Although, that might actually make more
sense just in case people forget to add any time anyway.

Thanks.  I'll keep your suggestion in mind.  :)

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Edge, Sean wrote:
> Mathew,
> You could accomplish this using a Scrip with conditions "On Comment" and
> "On Correspond".  Then just grab the current Time Worked, increment by 5
> and update the db field.  So something like this might work for your
> custom Scrip Action:
> my $temp = $self->TicketObj->TimeWorked;
> $temp += 5;
> $self->TicketObj->SetTimeWorked($temp);
> return 1;
> -Sean
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> Due to the nature of our beast, we need to default the Time Worked value
> to 5 on replies and comments.  Anyone know where I go to look at this?
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