[rt-users] Email Notifications not containing any information

Adam Engel adamengel at specializedbusinesssoftware.com
Tue Nov 6 15:41:25 EST 2007

Thanks for the response, let me clarify a bit more.

When a user resolves a ticket and enters in information in the message 
box on the resolve screen, the email that is received just says:

    Your request has been resolved.

    This transaction appears to have no content

I tested this out by resolving a ticket that was open, and entering 
information into the message box clicking 'update ticket' and then 
waiting for the email. I do not see an option to include the text in the 

My steps for resolving a ticket:

1. Select ticket in personal queue.
2. Click 'Resolve' from the menu
3. Enter in my message
4. Click 'Update Ticket'

Once I am brought back to the ticket details page, I see "message 
recorded" and then the status change from open to resolved.

If I include my email address in the CC section, I get an email that has 
the message I entered but in the 'official' ticket resolution email, it 
says This transaction appears to have no content.

I hope that clears what I am seeing.


Kenneth Crocker wrote:
> Adamengel,
>     Not sure what it is you think you are missing. Are you looking for 
> comments about how the ticket was resolved or notes to the requestor? 
> These are entered at the time the "Resolved" option is selected. The 
> person doing this needs to enter the info in the message portion at 
> the bottom of the page. If they want the info to be included in the 
> notification, then select that option during resolution. Hope this helps.
> Kenn
> On 11/5/2007 2:57 PM, Adam Engel wrote:
>> When someone resolves a ticket in RT, the only thing that is shown in 
>> the email is
>> Your request has been resolved.
>> This transaction appears to have no content
>> I looked in the ticket configuration for  Resolved and it says
>> Subject: Resolved: {$Ticket->Subject}
>> Your request has been resolved.
>> {$Transaction->Content()}
>> What do I need to do to get the resolution into the ticket?
>> -Adam
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