[rt-users] 2 emails 2 different responses

Tim Wilson twilson at buffalo.k12.mn.us
Wed Nov 7 10:29:30 EST 2007

>>> On Wed, Nov 7, 2007 at 10:12 AM, in message
<C4FBD1427242524D894865E419F8C91E07E2AC84 at carthage.eliyon.com>, "Candelario,
Bill" <Candelario at zoominfo.com> wrote: 

> I have created 2 separate email address, in which tickets submit
> perfectly into RT.  What I'm trying to do is create 2 different
> responses according to whom the ticket is for. 
> For example, if test1 at test.com is sent an email then they get the test1
> auto response.  If test2 at test.com is sent an email then they get the
> test2 auto response.  

Hey Bill,

If your two separate email addresses are feeding into separate queues in RT, then you're all set. You'll need override the global autoresponse template by creating a custom one in each of the queues. In my RT setup I have queues that serve very different purposes, and I've found that I end up using very few of the global scrips or templates. I almost always need to create a custom set for each queue in order to help create the workflow that I need.


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