[rt-users] Scrip 3 trouble - no email body

Mark Pryor tlviewer at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 28 19:05:32 EST 2007


using rt3 3.6.3 on Centos5 x86_64, Apache 2 with
MySQL, and mod_perl2.

This install was working for a month until I was
forced to change the alias in rt3.conf
Alias /helpdesk "/usr/share/rt3/html"

when I changed from the default /rt3 to the above, the
auto-reply bodies vanished.

In /var/log/messages, I see
------ snip -------------
Nov 28 15:56:26 support RT:
<rt-3.6.3-7474-1196294186-1083.9-3-0 at TLViewer.org>
#9/83 - Scrip 3 
Nov 28 15:56:27 support RT:
<rt-3.6.3-7474-1196294186-1083.9-3-0 at TLViewer.org>Could
not send mail: $/ as given is currently unsupported at
line 140  Stack:   [/usr/lib/perl5/5.8.8/Carp.pm:269] 

Nov 28 15:56:27 support RT:
<rt-3.6.3-7474-1196294186-61.9-4-0 at ChmEarl.org> #9/83
- Scrip 4 
Nov 28 15:56:27 support RT:
<rt-3.6.3-7474-1196294186-61.9-4-0 at ChmEarl.org> No
recipients found. Not sending.
Nov 28 15:56:27 support RT: Ticket 9 created in queue
'General' by tlviewer
--------------- end snip ---------------

I have propagated the alias change to /etc/aliases and

Further, I reset the rt3 Database and resetup all my
users and queues and privileges.

I also made a directory 'helpdesk' under my webroot.

You can be sure that once I have a working install of
rt3 I won't tinker with the basic params again!

Is this install salvagable, or should I start over


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