[rt-users] Failed to load valid user when Everyone has the right to CreateTicket

Drew Barnes barnesaw at ucrwcu.rwc.uc.edu
Fri Sep 7 11:26:31 EDT 2007

Check to make sure that address is not a disabled account already on the

Fran Fabrizio wrote:
> Occasionally, I get a
> RT could not load a valid user, and RT's configuration does not allow
> for the creation of a new user for this email (user at uab.edu).
> even though in this queue, Everyone has the right to CreateTicket.  (There's nothing special about @uab.edu, I just picked that as the latest example - it happens with all sorts of domains) 
> Has anyone else seen this?  It's sporadic, once every week or two.  RT 3.6.4

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