[rt-users] RT bottlenecks

Kenneth Marshall ktm at rice.edu
Fri Sep 28 08:20:24 EDT 2007

On Fri, Sep 28, 2007 at 10:29:44AM +0100, Roy El-Hames wrote:
> Matthew;
> What version of RT are you using?
> With > 3.6.1, I noticed slowness with transaction custom fields queries, if 
> you do not use them try and comment out the following lines from 
> html/Ticket/Elements/ShowTransaction
> %# if ($Transaction->CustomFieldValues->Count) {
> %#      <& /Elements/ShowCustomFields, Object => $Transaction &>
> %#}
> You may find tickets display quicker --but again do this if you do not use 
> Transaction CF's--
> Regards;
> Roy
> Mathew wrote:
>> I've been informed that some are beginning to complain about the speed
>> of RT when it comes to loading tickets that contain attachments.  This
>> has led to the question of distributed computing in the way of load
>> balancing.  I'd like to avoid moving in this direction with RT as we
>> don't have the need for it.  Our user base is small as is our ticket 
>> count.
>> It would seem that most of the bottleneck comes from actually loading
>> the page.  I've found that tickets with numerous transactions (exact
>> number not known) tend to be slow to load even without attachments.
>> How should I go about pinpointing the bottleneck so I can find a
>> solution that won't require a major tech refresh?
>> Mathew
Roy and Mathew,

One technique that I found to be useful was to trim the amount of
transactions actually being displayed. I added another widget similar
to the one for changing the ticket display order from top-to-bottom
or bottom-to-top. It was called "brief headers" and when it was
selected, a filtered list of transactions was displayed. This made
a big difference in the draw time. The DB access was not the bottleneck
unless a particular user had many recent tickets to list in the "More
about ..." section of the ticket display.


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