[rt-users] logging out of different browsers...

William Bulley web at umich.edu
Wed Apr 9 13:08:17 EDT 2008

I am seeing different (odd) behaviour when I log out of RT 3.6.5
using FireFox and Opera.  With FireFox, once logged into
RT, when I click on the "Logout" button, FireFox actually logs me
out of RT and I see the login screen (with the two username and
password boxes).

With Opera 9.2, when I do the same thing, I get a brief screen
including a string telling me that I logged out and a hotlink
stating that I can log in again if I want to, and then -- BAM!!!
I am immediately back to the previous session as though I had not
logged out at all!  In fact, short of exiting my Opera session,
there is no way I have found to actually log out of RT 3.6.5 using
Opera 9.2 -- what is going on here?



William Bulley                     Email: web at umich.edu

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