[rt-users] Where are attachments stored?

Kenneth Crocker KFCrocker at lbl.gov
Thu Apr 10 15:44:58 EDT 2008

Gene, Aaron,

	Not only that, but the content is stored in various ways, depending on 
the CONTENTTYPE field (text, message, excell, etc.) AND if you have 
ORACLE, CONTENTCODING is not supported (at least up to 9). I built my 
own Data Dictionary on the ORACLE version of the RT DataBase so I would 
know what to do if I was gonna update the DB via SQL or something. 
Fooling around with creating or deleting records is more than a bit 
tricky external to RT tools. Like I didn't know that ALL users have a 
group id record JUST for their individual user ID. It is usually the 
User ID plus 1. Anyway, like Gene said, not a trivial exercise.


On 4/10/2008 11:45 AM, Gene LeDuc wrote:
> Aaron, the attachments are stored in RT's database in a table called 
> 'Attachments'.  There is a field called 'Content' that holds the ones 
> and zeros that make up the attachment.  I suspect that importing files 
> into RT as ticket attachments will be a non-trivial exercise.
> Regards,
> Gene
> At 11:02 AM 4/10/2008, Aaron Sallade wrote:
>> I need to import attachments into our RT from our legacy system. How 
>> are attachments stored in RT?
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