[rt-users] help with incoming scrip

Chris Haumesser ch at awry.ws
Sun Apr 13 17:06:08 EDT 2008

Ok, yes... ExtractCustomValues appears to be capable of doing what I want.

I'm unclear on what I can put in the "script" field of the template.
For example, here's what I've done...

1.  Created template in my queue containing the following:

||Body|^Title:\s*(.*)|$self->TransactionObj->Set( Subject => $_ )||

2.  Created scrip in my queue: on create, extract custom values, my new

3.  Send test messages; subject does not change, nothing in syslog.

I have a feeling that the "script" field in my template isn't right.
What can I put in this field???

Appreciate any pointers in the right direction...


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