[rt-users] Popup Calendar

Kenneth Crocker KFCrocker at lbl.gov
Mon Apr 14 12:54:17 EDT 2008


	What kind of privileges have you granted and to whom in relation to the 
queue where the ticket is being created (or attempted)?


On 4/13/2008 8:30 PM, Stephen Cochran wrote:
> Running 3.6.3. <http://3.6.3.>
> I think I finally found the "advanced" view for a new ticket creation, 
> it's only available when signed in as a privlidged users.
> Using the self service interface, I've added the html to display and 
> enter a due date. The problem now is that the popup window to select a 
> date is not working for an unprivlidged user; looks like a permissions 
> problem.
> I copied /Elements/SelectDate to /SelfSerivce/Elements/SelectDate to see 
> if that would solve the problme, but no joy.
> Is there a simple way to get the date picker to work in the Self-Service 
> interface?
> I'm getting the impression that not many people are using the 
> self-service interface, that true?
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