[rt-users] Can a user add a dependency on a ticket he does not have access to?

Kenneth Crocker KFCrocker at lbl.gov
Mon Apr 21 14:28:10 EDT 2008


	Sorry I took so long to respond, I've been on vacation. As to your 
situation, I think have "ModifyTicket" as a global right is dangerous, 
it just gives away too much of the store. I would suggest creating a 
group (call it XX-Support where xx equals the name of the queue) with 
these rights:
	1) CommentOnTicket
	2) CreateTicket
	3) ModifyTicket
	4) OwnTicket
	5) ReplyToTicket
	6) SeeQueue
	7) SeeOutgoingEmail
	8) ShowTicket
	9) ShowTicketComments
	10) TakeTicket
	11) Watch

	Now, this will give those responsible for the tickets in a particular 
queue (that's what the group is for) all the rights they need to deal 
with those tickets in a particular queue without giving away too much to 
the rest of the world (remove those rights from Global/Privileged). Just 
an idea. Hope it helps.


On 4/14/2008 3:31 PM, lgrella wrote:
> Thank you Kenneth. I did add the ModifyTicket right globally for all
> priveleged users and that worked. If it is only added onlyto the owner, then
> the owner can modify the ticket he owns, but not the other ticket that needs
> to be added as a dependency since the other ticket gets modified when it is
> added as a dependency.
> Kenneth Crocker wrote:
>> Igrella,
>> 	Have you tried giving the "ModifyTicket" right globally to the role 
>> "Owner"? Other than that and the "CreateTicket" & "SeeQueue" rights (to 
>> the target Queue), the person owning the ticket should certainly be able 
>> to do that. We've never encountered that problem. Interesting.
>> Kenn
>> On 4/14/2008 10:48 AM, lgrella wrote:
>>> I am trying to figure out why a users who owns a ticket in a certain
>>> queue is
>>> not able to add a dependency to that ticket which is a ticket in another
>>> queue which he does not have access. This is how our RT is set up...
>>> All users can see all queues, but not the tickets within those queues. 2
>>> of
>>> my queues are Content and IT Support. A user has read and write access to
>>> the Content queue and owns a ticket in the content queue. He wants to add
>>> a
>>> dependency of a ticket from the IT support queue to his ticket, but does
>>> not
>>> have read or write access to IT support. When he tries to add the ticket
>>> as
>>> a link to his ticket, he gets an error that his permission is denied. How
>>> can I set this up so that he does not see the ticket, but can add it as a
>>> link in his own ticket for a dependency?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Laura
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