[rt-users] Failure to Create User

Mike Peachey mike.peachey at jennic.com
Thu Apr 24 04:13:15 EDT 2008

Emmanuel Nnko wrote:
> Mike,
> Thanks very much for the response.
> However, just to shade some light:
> x1- During the initial installation of RT, the RT comes with 
> RT_Config.pm file that for all customization has to be reflected on 
> RT_SiteConfig.pm (let me call this file Old/Original) file.
> x2- In the file earlier submitted (RT_SiteConfig.pm, also attached) 
> contains the normal customization for local requirements.
> x3- Now, when I installed RT::Authen::ExternalAuth & 
> RT::Authen::CookieAuth, they came with their RT_SiteConfig.pm file.
> x4- Now, the issue is how to integrate these two new RT_SiteConfig.pm 
> files with the Old/Original RT_SiteConfig.pm file.
> Please advise how to integrate them or if I need to do away with the 
> Old/Original RT_SiteConfig.pm.

You simply copy the contents of those files and paste them into your 
RT_SiteConfig.om and then change the values to suit your installation. 
IT seems that you have tried to do that, but the paste didn't work right 
and you also have Ldap settings that are for Jim Meyer's deprecated 
User_Local overlay, and not RT::Authen::ExternalAuth. If you have a 
setting that has LDAP in it and it doesn't appear in the example config 
that comes with ExternalAuth then you should remove it.

Also, are you sure you want to be using RT::Authen::CookieAuth?

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