[rt-users] script unintentionally cc'ing RT user

Kimberly McKinnis kmckinnis at tivo.com
Mon Apr 28 18:12:10 EDT 2008

Sorry, hit enter somehow instead of pasting. See below for full script
and errors. 



From: Kimberly McKinnis 
Sent: Monday, April 28, 2008 3:04 PM
To: 'rt-users at lists.bestpractical.com'
Subject: script unintentionally cc'ing RT user


I realize the topic of cc'ing users has been covered many times, but I'm
struggling with a particular issue. I ganked a script off of the wiki to
add cc'd users (from email)  to the ticket. However, the RT user is
getting added to the ticket also, and the problem this poses is... the
high priority ticketing email cc's the oncall cell phones. Every time
someone responds to a ticket from the high priority queue, the RT user
continues to be cc'd (people don't always remember to check the box in
the web UI to remove the cc), which causes people's cell phones to go
mad from SMS overload. 


This is the script I am using:


#uncomment Logger stuff for debuging

 $RT::Logger->debug("Running Script TestScriptAddCC");


 my $Actor = $self->TransactionObj->Creator;

 my $Corresponder_id = $self->TransactionObj->CreatorObj->PrincipalId;

 my $OwnerEmail = $self->TicketObj->OwnerObj->EmailAddress();


# Kims debug statement 

#$RT::Logger->debug("Actor id is: $Actor");


 # exit if actor is RT_SystemUser 

 return 1 if $Actor->id == $RT::SystemUser->id; 


 # get out if corresponder is already requestor,cc or admincc.


 if ( $self->TicketObj->IsWatcher( Type => 'Requestor', PrincipalId =>
$Corresponder_id)  ){

     #$RT::Logger->debug("TestScriptAddCC - Corresponder is Requestor,

     return 1;



 if ( $self->TicketObj->IsWatcher( Type => 'Cc', PrincipalId =>
$Corresponder_id)  ){

     #$RT::Logger->debug("TestScriptAddCC - Corresponder is in CC,

     return 1;



 if ( $self->TicketObj->IsWatcher( Type => 'AdminCc', PrincipalId =>
$Corresponder_id)  ){

     #$RT::Logger->debug("TestScriptAddCC - Corresponder is in AdminCC,

     return 1;



 #RuslanZakirov's check

 my ($status, $msg) = $self->TicketObj->AddWatcher(

     Type => "Cc", 

     PrincipalId => $Corresponder_id



 unless ( $status ) {  

     $RT::Logger->error("Couldn't add watcher: $msg"); 



 return 1;




I think actor->id is what's causing the problem, but I'm not sure where
to go from here:


[Mon Apr 28 22:00:28 2008] [debug]: Found 7 scrips

[Mon Apr 28 22:00:28 2008] [debug]: Running Script TestScriptAddCC
((eval 2423):2)

[Mon Apr 28 22:00:28 2008] [error]: Scrip 21 Prepare failed: Can't call
method "id" without a package         or object reference at (eval 2423)
line 13.



  [(eval 2423):13]














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