[rt-users] ExternalAuth User creation in RT

Keith A McDermott kmcdermo at purdue.edu
Tue Dec 2 14:19:03 EST 2008


I've got RT::Authen::ExternalAuth successfully working and it's 
validating my users against my LDAP server.  I disabled (commented out) 
the disabled-user check as I'll tinker with that later - this is for 
testing for now.

Anyway, my account can login to the web interface.  Admittedly, I added 
the AutoCreate and WebExternalAuto after I'd already logged in once, but 
in the Users table in the RT3 database, I can see my account.  However, 
it does not show up on the web interface so I cannot assign any rights 
to it.  I have create-ticket security enabled for anyone so my account 
is able to create tickets and see them in the queue.

On a side-note, I haven't gotten any email from the web-interface yet.  
I have yet to setup the procmail but it still should be able to send 
mail if I understand it corrrectly.

Note: I do not know much about Perl so please take that into 
consideration in any reply which may require Perl modifications.  :-)


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