[rt-users] [Solved] ExternalAuth User creation in RT

Keith A McDermott kmcdermo at purdue.edu
Tue Dec 2 16:48:47 EST 2008

I found that the issue was in the order I did this in.  I dropped the 
database and re-initialized it with the parameters set and now it's all 
working great as far as permissions.  New users are showing up properly 
under "Users" in RT.

Now to get the mail working...

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Keith A McDermott wrote:
> Hi,
> I've got RT::Authen::ExternalAuth successfully working and it's 
> validating my users against my LDAP server.  I disabled (commented out) 
> the disabled-user check as I'll tinker with that later - this is for 
> testing for now.
> Anyway, my account can login to the web interface.  Admittedly, I added 
> the AutoCreate and WebExternalAuto after I'd already logged in once, but 
> in the Users table in the RT3 database, I can see my account.  However, 
> it does not show up on the web interface so I cannot assign any rights 
> to it.  I have create-ticket security enabled for anyone so my account 
> is able to create tickets and see them in the queue.
> On a side-note, I haven't gotten any email from the web-interface yet.  
> I have yet to setup the procmail but it still should be able to send 
> mail if I understand it corrrectly.
> Note: I do not know much about Perl so please take that into 
> consideration in any reply which may require Perl modifications.  :-)
> Thanks!
> Keith
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