[rt-users] Clickable links for 3.8.1?

Robert Munsch Munsch at phillycarshare.org
Thu Dec 4 18:16:18 EST 2008

 <<Robert Munsch.vcf>> >Reading http://wiki.bestpractical.com/view/ClickableLinks , it seems to >reference paths/files for 3.4 that don't exist in 3.8.x.  Anyone have an >update to this method?  I'm generating tickets from a system that sends an >email alert that contains multiple links to affected systems, and agents >will need (and are already quite used to) being able to pull up the info >directly.  The URLs are also quite long and ugly and break across multiple >lines: copy/paste isn't a good solution.

Following the directions on the wiki there better (understanding them on the third read or so...) realized I have to MAKE a file called default in that path.  OK, fine; I created that path and stuck the final code block ('improved version') in it.

RT is not broken - works in all respects AFAIK so far - but instead of clickable links as hoped for, or the old plain text display of


I now have html tags enclosing the links with the huge ugly URL being truncated in what's displayed -

     <a href=https://blah.com/etc for a very very very long time>https://blah.com/etc trunc...</a>

so close, but not quite.  Any ideas?

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