[rt-users] Scrip to selectively autorespond?

Sven Sternberger sven.sternberger at desy.de
Mon Dec 8 04:33:55 EST 2008


On So, 2008-12-07 at 15:28 +0200, Atro Tossavainen wrote:
> I was wondering if anybody has already dealt with the issue of RT either
> autoresponding to all incoming messages or not autoresponding to any at
> all.  Specifically, I'd like to try to implement recommendations of RFC
> 3834 in the autoresponder - such as, if RT gets mail from another auto-
> responder that is easily identifiable as such, to stop generating loops.
> Any pointers will be welcome.

You can configure for example

Set($RedistributeAutoGeneratedMessages, 'privileged');

so that all messages which have "Precedence: bulk or junk"
, AutoSubmitted or X-FC-Machinegenerated set in the mail header, 
will only generate mails
to recipients which are privileged users.

I have additionally in my procmail config stuff like

* Precedence: list
|/usr/bin/formail -f -I "X-FC-Machinegenerated: true"



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