[rt-users] RT permission question

Kenneth Crocker KFCrocker at lbl.gov
Wed Dec 17 14:51:33 EST 2008


	It merely says "Permission denied". I was looking at the groups he is 
in and found that he is in two groups. The first one (Alphabetically) is 
not allowed to create tickets in the target queue, but the second is. He 
already is the ticket owner and has "ModifyTicket" rights. I was 
wondering if RT checks group rights for a target queue and if the first 
one fails, doesn't bother to check any others? Just a thought. I'm going 
to do a test by adding the create rights to that first group.


On 12/16/2008 1:17 PM, Stephen Turner wrote:
> On Tue, 16 Dec 2008 16:06:53 -0500, Kenneth Crocker <KFCrocker at lbl.gov> 
> wrote:
>> To all,
>>     I thought I understood most of the permission relationships in RT, 
>> but
>> I find I'm a bit stumped with a problem I'm having. I know that to move
>> a ticket from one queue to another queue that person/group initiating
>> the move must have "SeeQueue" and "CreateTicket" rights for the intended
>> queue. I have a situation where those rights are granted, but permission
>> is denied.
> Kenn,
> Does the ticket actually get moved to the other queue? Also, exactly 
> what error message appears?
> Steve

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