[rt-users] Questions about 3.8.1 MakeClicky (doesn't work here)

Nehmer Torben torben.nehmer at cancom.de
Thu Dec 18 03:09:19 EST 2008

Hello together,


I am currently trying to get MakeClicky running but with no success. Originally, I planned to use a callback to allow for some linking (SVN Revisions and such). To start with, I used the example Callback along with the standard HTTPURL tool:



Set(@Active_MakeClicky, qw('httpurl', 'ticket_link') );




$types => []

$actions => {}



my $web_path = RT->Config->Get('WebPath');


# Action takes TicketId as Argument and returns Ticket Link:


$a ctions->{'link_ticket'} = sub {

        my %args = @_;

        my $id = $args{'all_matches'}[1];

        return qq{<a href="$web_path/Ticket/Display.html?id=$id">$args{value}</a>};



# add the Action to the list


push @$types, {

        name => 'ticket_link',

        regex => qr{#(\d+)}i,

        action => 'link_ticket'



Now I have created a ticket with the following text:





Apache 2 (using mod_perl) has been restarted.


Unfortunalety, when looking at the ticket in question, there is no link whatsoever.


By the way: Does the callback has to be named "Default" or can I make multiple freely named files (e.g. "ticket_link" and "subversion_link") in the same location? Also, can I introduce configuration options in some way for my callback, for example a subversion repository base URL to be used in the linking?


Thanks in advance for any help!


Yours sincerely,
Torben Nehmer

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